Investment banks, strategy firms,
funds, MBA holders, CXOs, Fintech, Technology/CIO etc.

Industry-specific executive search

XG Partners aims to provide the most robust executive search services for finding professionals with backgrounds in investment banking, consulting, funds, and more, as well as those in CXO-level positions.


Maximizing Agency Value.
That is our way of being and our mission.

As an executive search firm, our mission is to maximize our agency value as intermediaries/agents between employers and job seekers. To achieve this, we have established the following principles of intervention as a code of conduct for all of our employees.


About Us

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Senior Advisor

  • Otohiko Ueno

    After working at a major financial institution, a recruiting agency, and as the head of business administration for several venture companies, he joined JAC Recruitment, which was listed on JASDAQ at the time. As Director and General Manager of the Business Division, he led the company's listing on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (now retired). He is a professional in the recruiting business and an executive who is well versed in both the Japanese and foreign capital markets.

Join us

In 2023, I founded a company called XG Partners.
Taking the initials from Extraordinary (X) and Global (G), we aim to be Japan's first global
executive search firm, alongside colleagues who demonstrate exceptional added value.

As a headhunter, I was able to achieve Japan's highest level of personal performance, generating ¥370 million in results in 2022.
While I felt a sense of accomplishment in achieving what could be considered the top result in Japan, I continued to receive requests from many clients and candidates, such as "We want you to find more people" and "Are there no other job openings?" As a result, I felt the limitations of individual effort. Even with outstanding achievements, I realized that as an individual, the impact on the world was too small.
This experience motivated me to gather the strongest individuals and provide the highest level of talent referral services as an organization, capable of making an impact on the world. That desire continues to drive the expansion of our company today.

Less than a year after our founding, more than 10 colleagues gathered, and in January 2024, we successfully established an office in Hong Kong. We have expanded into fields beyond the financial industry, including IT, and while we are still in our infancy, I can feel that we are gradually becoming more than just individuals.

We plan to have a team of 30 by 2027. Now may be the most enjoyable time to join us, contributing as a headhunter while also helping to build the company.
Those who join us will receive maximum freedom and highest level of compensation, as we are committed to supporting your self-realization as a headhunter living in an era of coexistence with AI.

If you are interested even slightly after reviewing the following key features of our company, please feel free to contact us. Let's create Japan's first and strongest global agent together.

XG Partners
Tetsuya (Ted) Hatsushi

    Our Five Key Features

  • 1. Enhanced Branding of Affiliated Headhunters
    Enhancing the branding of affiliated headhunters is an extremely important initiative for XG Partners.
    We aim to be recognized as a group of individuals who are personally appointed by name, rather than solely relying on the company's brand. Therefore, our company invests in efforts to enhance the recognition of the headhunters themselves and the job openings they possess.
  • 2. Maximum Freedom
    We believe that self-driven headhunters, who aim to demonstrate outstanding added value, do not require micromanagement.
    Therefore, we have no KPIs, Forecast sessions, performance reports, or unnecessary meetings. All time is yours to use for your clients, colleagues, and yourself.
  • 3. The Best Compensation
    We aim for and operate a compensation system in which individuals with the capability to work independently will not feel the need to go independent.
    In addition to sales incentives, we maintain the highest level of compensation by including year-end performance bonuses based on behavioral evaluations and sales-related expenses.
  • 4. Commitment to Maximizing Added Value
    What is the added value that customers truly need? What value can you offer compared to other headhunters? To increase successful experiences for everyone, we share best practices collectively.
    We wholeheartedly support individuals who innovate and strive to maximize added value.
    We aim to become the industry's number one group of headhunters in both name and reality.
  • 5. Strong collaboration
    We are not a group of individual entrepreneurs. All information acquired by each member in their daily activities is registered in our business system and made accessible to all employees.
    To ensure it doesn't hinder sales activities, we accumulate information with the support of an excellent back-office team, equivalent in number to our consultants, and make it available through a powerful database.
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Company Profile

  • Company Name
    XG Partners Co, Ltd.
    xLINK Marunouchi Palace Front,
    7th floor, Kishimoto Building
    2-2-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku,
    Tokyo, Japan 100-0005
    Name of Representative
    Tetsuya Hatsushi
    5 million yen
    Business Description
    Global Executive Search services
    Recruitment license number
    Permission number: 13-yu-315231
  • 蓮子哲也